Brownsfield Mill

Brownsfield Mill occupies a prime location fronting Great Ancoats Street and the Rochdale Canal and links the retail and office elements of the Piccadilly Basin scheme. TCS have recently completed the latest phase of work to the building restoring the exterior and listed chimney with further phases to refurbish the interior and extend the Mill to be brought forward in due course.

The Grade Two listed mill, which stands at eight storeys high and will offer, post-full refurbishment, a mix of retail/leisure and offices approaching 50,000sq ft in total imbued with real character.

The building’s most famous occupier was A.V. Roe and Co., who went on to become one of the most important aircraft manufacturers in Britain. Beginning with the Triplane and Biplane, the pioneering company went on to build the Avro 504, the most prolific aircraft built during the First World War, culminating in a knighthood for Roe in 1929. The Manchester-based company went on to build the Lancaster during the Second World War, and the Shackleton and Vulcan during the 1950s. Since then the building has been used for a variety of warehousing purposes and, having laid dormant for the last six years, it is now on the road to being recovered to its former glory.

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